Pc Burglar Alarm


Burglar Alarm Deluxe  v.

What are you wating for? Secure your device now, it's free! You can safely leave your phone connected to the power charger or the PC and be sure that no one will be able to look at your infos (like photos or emails)! Try Burglar Alarm Deluxe and

Video Burglar Alarm  v.2.5

This monitor tool makes ordinary webcams into super security surveillance cameras.


Burglar Alarm  v.1 1

Play a fun and challenging Palm Trees Sunset puzzle,

PC-Alarm and Security System  v.2. 2. 2010

Transform your PC into a fire and burglar alarm system. Monitor mouse and keyboard activity for uninvited intruders, plus, utilizes your computer's microphone to monitor loud sounds such as a fire or home alarm.


IRCAS Alarm is a PC based home alarm system and surveillance system for Windows. It detects movements from cameras, uses loops for magnetic switches for doors and windows and on/off key switches. Alert you by email and SMS. It runs as a service on the

PhoneGuard  v.

Use this simple application to activate Phone Self Defense and keep your phone anywhere. If someone tries to pick it or steal it your phone will let you know by ringing an burglar alarm sound.

Digital Home Angel  v.1.1

Digital Home Angel is a perfect monitoring software,which uses your computer and connected cameras to monitor your premises and it acts as a intelligent sentry(guard) to warn you when it detects intrusion in the preview of the camera.

MobileCamStreamer™  v.1 5

MobileCamStreamer is a desktop application that enables your webcam to be viewed on your cell phone.

Mozilla Sunbird  v.0.9

Sunbird is a calendar and very a advanced organizer for your meetings, bussiness tasks and events by the world-famous Mozilla. Sunbird enables you to add reminders, set alarms, notes or tasks according to your routine in a wonderful and easy way.

Video Lens Calculator  v.1. 3. 2003

Video Lens Calculator is a tool for windows that can help you choose your lens. The most common Vertical / People Counting application of the Lens Computer is to determine the correct focal lenght lens to use for a given situation.

MyBtHome  v.

MyBTHome is a solution for home automation control systems BTicino My Home Key Features: GUI-style meter. Requires a standard gateway BTicino / Legrand OpenWebNet that use the protocol. Devices can be managed in this version: Lighting (even

Video Surveillance Standard  v.2.2

Video Surveillance Standard is advanced video surveillance software.

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